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Jakob Fuglsang

UI/UX & Dev

Replast & Montage

Replast & montage is a plast welding company, who needed a complete website, since they did'nt have one previously. It was important to the owner of the company that the website was availble on all devices and looked somewhat up to date on design. It was important that the Design was timeless so that he did'nt have to get a new one any time soon.
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Jobbot is a automated service that help the user, write and send out job applications. People who are looking for a job often get stressed about writing applications, what do i write? who am i? Jobbot writes application and CV for the users automaticly sends out the application without the user even touching the keyboard.

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I’m Jakob Fuglsang, I do UI/UX and Frontend development, located in Denmark.

I went to school for webdevelopment which i completed in october of 2019, before that i did graphic design, but i dropped out for joining webdevelopment. I am 20 years old and like to play music on my guitar. I do specialize in web design specificly UI/UX, but I code all of my projects for a more interative experience of my portfolio.

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